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    Ready to travel? Choose the best pet sitter for your pets!

    Mar 10 2022

    Spending extra time at home with our pets during the pandemic has strengthened our human-animal bonds, making the idea of leaving town for that long-awaited vacation hard to fathom. But that’s where…

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    Pet Owner’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness

    Mar 03 2022

    The current conflict in Ukraine has left its citizens and their pets in a state of crisis, forcing many to evacuate the country for shelter and safety. Some evacuees have or are trying to escape with…

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    Pet food supply issues: How to keep your pet well-fed and fed well

    Feb 24 2022

    If you’re the personal shopper to a cat or dog, you’ve likely found yourself in this dilemma: the shelf that always holds their usual food is empty, the ETA for more stock is unknown, and you need…

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    Changing the Outlook for Flat-Faced Dogs (the change starts with us)

    Feb 17 2022

    A recent litter of hairless French Bulldogs bred in the UK has whipped up a flurry of media attention that is raising concerns around “extreme breeding”, in essence, breeding programs that focus…

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    What Your Pet REALLY Wants for Valentine's Day!

    Feb 10 2022

    Pets are family, so it’s understandable that they want to share the holiday of love with the most important people in their lives (that’s you), and that includes sharing the gifts you receive!…

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    Dental Health For All Pets (that have teeth)

    Feb 04 2022

    What do dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and degus have in common? Teeth! And because they get used daily, keeping your pet’s teeth healthy is important to their overall health and…

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    New Year Fitness Goals with Your Pets

    Jan 27 2022

    We've all heard of Covid-19 but what about the dreaded “Covid-15”? People everywhere are commiserating about their weight gain during the pandemic and the same applies to our pets.  A survey of…